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Our ice should be stored at 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below (-7 degrees Celsius, or 266 degrees Kelvin for you hipsters). 

Ice can crack when its temperature changes too rapidly, so our ice needs to be “tempered” before use by letting it rest at room temperature for 5 minutes or so.  The lower the temperature at which it is stored, the longer it will take to temper.  Immediately after removing from freezer, be sure not to place the ice on surfaces that are good conductors of heat (such as stainless steel, marble or granite); plastic or wood work best.  Tempering can also be partially or fully accomplished (depending on the temperature and duration) by placing the ice in a refrigerator or ice well.  The litmus test for whether the ice is tempered is that the cube appears clear (as opposed to frosty), and may even show a little puddling at the bottom. 

When refreezing ice, make sure the cubes are separated so they don’t stick together.  Separate cubes that are frozen together by first re-tempering, then lightly tapping a knife into the crack between the cubes.

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